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Safety and Commercial Panel Fences in Christchurch

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School or Safety Panel Fences: Prioritize Safety without Compromising Style

As a leading panel fence installer, we’ve worked with schools, community groups, and commercial businesses who trust our commitment to quality and security. For schools panel fences offers peace of mind keeping the little ones safe, while for our commercial customers, we offer stylish solutions to keep criminals out and gear secure. We also offer residential solutions for pools, decks and boundaries.

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As a leading provider of panel and mesh fencing, we’ve worked with schools, community groups, and sports-clubs who trust our commitment to safety.

Whether you are looking for steel or aluminium we offer a wide range of products to suit your needs.

At Fencing Industries, we understand that every client has their own unique needs. That’s why we offer customizable fencing designs to accommodate specific pools. Whether you’re seeking glass panels for a luxurious look or practical mesh fencing for added security, our variety of style options will fit any property.

We focus on protecting small children by offering solutions that are both secure and aesthetically pleasing.  Panel fencing is the way to go when keeping kids safe and school facilities secure.

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