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Tennis Courts Fencing Manufacturers and Installers

Our tennis court fences, pool fences, cricket nets, pipe and mesh are designed, built and installed to the highest standard of quality. We work with schools, clubs, homeowners and others to provide fences and nets across Christchurch and the wider South Island. Aside from providing security for the court and keeping the balls within arm’s reach, professionally constructed fencing can help aesthetically elevate your property and create a beautiful outdoor space for your family and friends to enjoy.

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We offer designing, building and installation services, and with our workshop facilities we can customise the design and creation of your fencing to cater to your specific requirements. With a variety of different styles available, we have something to suit any property. We install all our own products with a high level of service and workmanship.

We provide a FREE, no obligation quotation service.

Get in touch today at or give us a call on 03 342 4492 to get a free, no-obligation quote and install a high-quality fence to take your court to the next level.

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